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Entry #1

I'm gonna come to truth with ya...

2009-03-06 19:54:37 by hunterbecomeshunted

In the past, I've been a complete ass to A LOT of people, like the Clock Group, Star Syndicate, Wonchop, etc. and it was completely stupid of me to do so. I mean, the mere reasons that compelled me to write such poorly contructed reviews were frick'n stupid! Ok look guys, this goes out to every guy who made a video I voted poorly in the past. I was immature, and as I can see from the reviews, a HORRIBLE typist. Now that I've grown up and learned that there's no point to hate some one because some one else does, I apologize to you guys. If I could delete the reviews, I would, and be more open-minded about each. Of course there might have been some video I contributed in blamming that had truth in them, but I digress. I apologize for being a immature, side-taking prick to you guys. I will now start to give more open-minded, balanced reviews to anyone and everyone. There's no point start things with people who don't deserve it...


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2013-04-29 15:43:37

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